Karate Combat

4 Time Emmy winning Sports Producer Jon Gerstel joins the Karate Combat team as the new Executive Producer for all live events with Karate Combat. Jon Gerstel is a pronounced executive producer known for his cinematic camera work in both TV Movies and TV Series. With 4 Emmy wins within sports producing, he has bred beautiful visuals in the sports scene. It is a relief to find someone of his stature to take on the role of EP of Karate Combat with his knowledge about action sports cinematography. Too often we see Martial Artists take on roles outside of their realm. The already visual pleasing live stream’s from Karate Combat will see an unproven optical pleasure compared to their previous live streams.

Sport Karate is a sport unlike any other action sport like Football, Tennis, Hockey and even Boxing and MMA.  The challenge that Jon Gerstel puts upon his shoulders is something that may seem easy to many who have watched the previous live streams from Karate Combat but in fact is not. With the rules set in place by Karate Combat regarding throws followed by striking on the ground for only a limited amount of time and the difference between movement and action, entails a keen eye with a split decision reaction to camera angles and switching between them at any point in time more so than any MMA or Boxing event.

With Jon Gerstel’s passion and eye for shot’s, Karate Combat will hopefully extend their visual pleasing live stream’s into a cinematic masterpiece. Now if they only featured more than 3 fights per show…

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