Season 2 skr image.png

Episode #1

We play some SKR trivia, talk about the off season and Jeff Doss joins the show to talk about all these damn abbriviations. NBL, SKIL.


Episode #2 Rich isn't dead!

Episode #3 ft. Jackson Rudolph

40+ World time champion Jackson Rudolph joins us to talk about his new Bo Staff system called "Flow". We ask him a hard question about his creativity and hear about his inspiration. We play another around of "Name That Person" and Corey and Rich fail. Again. Our hot topic this week is judging and how scarce it is becoming. Join the discussion on our hot topic!

Episode #4 ft. Ross Levine

9 time AKA cup champion, Ross Levine joins the crew to talk about Team Paul Mitchell, his full contact fighting and Team Impex. Your hosts play another round of "Name That Person" and we chat about why it is okay to compete at open tournaments. This week's hot topic is competing at open tournaments and how it is okay to do so. We promise! Join the discussion this week!

Episode #5 Founders Talk

3 Legends join together to tell some stories, share some knowledge and tell us the pro's and con's of today's sport karate scene. John Sharkey of Team AKA, Richard Plowden of Team Impex and Dennis Brown of the Capitol City Classics join us this week on Sport Karate Radio! Let's go!


Episode #6 ft. Danny Etkin

Danny joins Sport Karate Radio to talk about Amerikick, his injury and more. WHY do we STILL allow KICKS TO THE GROIN?!

Adrian Galvan.jpg

Episode #7 ft. Adrian Galvan and Ethan Fineshriber

Adrian Galvan of Karate Combat joins us to vie us the inside scoop on Karate Combat including why it seperates from the rest of the "karate" leagues. Ethan Fineshriber talks some ATA and NASKA with us including some of the difference's between the two leagues. We talk about Karate Combat all epsisode long and give our opinions on if this is "THE league or just another league" and Rich and Corey FINALLY guess correctly in this round of Name that Person!

Episode #8

We talk some Karate Combat and opinons on their first show as well as what makes NASKA the king of open sport karate. We also catch up with Jeff Doss at an event where he tells us first hand about his realty business selling homes and how he fly's to tournaments on his private jet. All this and more in this episode of Sport Karate Radio!


The US Open is the apex of sport karate tournaments and yet it's just an annual "check in" of Caitlin Dechelle. We talk about this in depth as well as how Super Sage Northcut was a fad. Cass Sigmond gives us some straight talk on a possible come back and how big of a sweet tooth Justin Ortiz had before he got his hands on his diet. Kim K of Karate Combat gives us an inside look on the upcoming Karate Combat as well as if we have to pay or not to watch upcoming events (you don't) :). All this and more in this episode of Sport Karate Radio!